John Lawrence Vick Bonney (born October 10, 1875 in Baltimore - died February 12, 1934 in Columbus, OH)[1] was president of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1897-1898 season and was also a member during 1896-1897. While a law student at the University of Virginia, he was a member of the German Club, V.V.V. Dramatic Club, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Thirteen Club, Eli Banana, Z Society, and captain of the baseball team, and served on the executive committee of the General Athletic Association. He was also voted "most popular man in college."[2]

Bonney became president of the Bonney-Lloyd Company, based in Columbus, OH. On February 12, 1934, he shot and killed himself in the basement of his Columbus home.[3]


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