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"Just Another Touchdown" in the 1911 Football Song Book

"Just Another Touchdown for U.V-a.," also known as "The Boys Who Wear the V," is a football song with words by S.M. O'Brien (class of 1902) to the tune of "Just a Little Bit Off the Top" (also known as "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"). First attested in the book Songs of Virginia[1] and also found in a 1911 football songbook[2], the piece survives in an arrangement by Virginia Glee Club conductor Arthur Fickenscher for piano and voice. It has been recorded on Songs of Virginia.


Just another touchdown for U.V-a, V-a,
Just another touchdown for U.V-a, V-a,
Carry the ball a yard or two, we'll tell you when to stop,
Ray! ray! ray!! for Virginia's on the top. (or "Yell, boys, yell, boys, Virginia's...")

Just watch the boys whose sweaters bear the V, the V (or "Just watch the men whose...")
If up-to-date football you want to see, to see,
They stop the bucks, they block the kicks, Carolina's "on the roll",
Ray! ray! ray!! for Virginia kicks a goal.

We've just come to Norfolk for the day, the day,
Tomorrow we'll go back to U.V-a, V-a,
We'll gather in Carolina's tin, Virginia's sure to win,
Ray! ray! ray!! then, and make a mighty din.