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Lewis Dabney Crenshaw, in a photo taken in Paris April 14, 1918. Courtesy U.Va. Special Collections

Lewis Dabney Crenshaw (April 4, 1884 – January 15, 1947)[1][2] was the first secretary of the University of Virginia Alumni Association and is credited with greatly strengthening that organization. He is also credited (with C.S. McVeigh) with the authorship of Hike, Virginia.

At Virginia, Crenshaw was a member of Delta Tau Delta, Lambda Pi, Phi Delta Phi, the Raven Society, the P.K. Society, and O.W.L., editor in chief of Corks and Curls, King of the Hot Feet, vice-president of the Arcadians, and served on the advisory board of the Athletic Association. He graduated from the University with his law degree in 1908.[3] He took over the Alumni Association post in 1914, and made significant contributions to the success of that organization by organizing the first modern reunions beginning in 1914.[4]

He remained in that post until September 1917, when he departed for Paris to head up the European bureau of the University during World War I.[5] Crenshaw lobbied vigorously among the alumni to raise funds for the office, raising some $9000 and setting up a club in Paris that could, he said in 1919, be "a home for the Virginia alumni, where they can step across the threshold into Old Virginia."[6] A remembrance of the experience of this "French Virginia" was published in Corks and Curls in 1919.[7] While in Paris, he translated "The Good Old Song" into French: "La belle chanson de 'wah-hoo-wah'..."[8] and published the University of Virginia Overseas Song Book (1918).

In addition to his other activities, Crenshaw was co-author, with John S. Patton and Sallie J. Doswell, of Jefferson's University: Glimpses of the Past and Present of the University of Virginia (1915).


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