List of post-separation presidents (Glee Club House)

The president of the Virginia Glee Club is one of two positions that has been an established officer position since the earliest days of the Glee Club; the other is the position of Manager, also known as business manager.

The president is a student member, traditionally but not always a fourth year student. From the Glee Club constitution (1995 edition):

The Virginia Glee Club shall elect from among its members a President who shall be the chief executive officer of the Virginia Glee Club. He shall be ultimately responsible for implementing Virginia Glee Club policy and programs, representing publicly the Virginia Glee Club in all situations, as well as chairing all business meetings and those other responsibilities set forth in the By-laws. The president shall have other responsibilites upon which he and the Executive or Representative Council have agreed and as set forth in the Constitution and its By-laws. The President shall have all have all authority necessary and proper to carry out these responsibilities; all other officers, representatives, officials, and employees shall be subordinate to him.

Season President
Glee Club 1880-1881 season Unknown
Glee Club 1881-1882 season Unknown
Glee Club 1882-1883 season Unknown
Glee Club 1883-1884 season Unknown
Glee Club 1884-1885 season Unknown
Glee Club 1885-1886 season Unknown
Glee Club 1886-1887 season Sterling Galt
Glee Club 1887-1888 season J.R.A. Hobson
Glee Club 1888-1889 season No president
Glee Club 1889-1890 season Charles Shirley Carter
Glee Club 1890-1891 season Fallow season
Glee Club 1891-1892 season William H. Sweeney
Glee Club 1892-1893 season Charles Behan Thorn
Glee Club 1893-1894 season Bernard W. Moore
Glee Club 1894-1895 season Micajah W. Pope
Glee Club 1895-1896 season McLane Tilton, Jr.
Glee Club 1896-1897 season Rockwell Smith Brank
Glee Club 1897-1898 season John Lawrence Vick Bonney
Glee Club 1898-1899 season Edmund Bradford Burwell
Glee Club 1899-1900 season Unknown
Glee Club 1900-1901 season Unknown
Glee Club 1901-1902 season Unknown
Glee Club 1902-1903 season Albert Lonsdale Roper
Glee Club 1903-1904 season Edward H. Miller
Glee Club 1904-1905 season Thomas Pinckney Bryan
Glee Club 1905-1906 season James Tappan Hornor
Glee Club 1906-1907 season Unknown
Glee Club 1907-1908 season Unknown
Glee Club 1908-1909 season Unknown
Glee Club 1909-1910 season Not organized
Glee Club 1910-1911 season Malcolm W. Gannaway
Glee Club 1911-1912 season Arthur F. Triplett
Glee Club 1912-1913 season Roger M. Bone
Glee Club 1913-1914 season Unknown
Glee Club 1914-1915 season Robert V. Funsten
Glee Club 1915-1916 season Malcolm W. Gannaway
Glee Club 1916-1917 season Robert Gilliam Butcher
Glee Club 1917-1918 season William S. Thomas
Glee Club 1918-1919 season William S. Thomas
Glee Club 1919-1920 season William S. Thomas
Glee Club 1920-1921 season John Koch
Glee Club 1921-1922 season Frederick R. Westcott
Glee Club 1922-1923 season Harry Glenn Kaminer
Glee Club 1923-1924 season Randolph Conroy
Glee Club 1924-1925 season Randolph Conroy
Glee Club 1925-1926 season E. Lacy Gibson
Glee Club 1926-1927 season E. Lacy Gibson
Glee Club 1927-1928 season L. Reyner Samet
Glee Club 1928-1929 season E. D. Brooke
Glee Club 1929-1930 season James Lindell Ellis
Glee Club 1930-1931 season Unknown
Glee Club 1931-1932 season Herbert L. Morgenroth
Glee Club 1932-1933 season Charles W. Gasque
Glee Club 1933-1934 season James M. Berry
Glee Club 1934-1935 season Guy Hope
Glee Club 1935-1936 season Rial Rose
Glee Club 1936-1937 season McDonald Wellford
Glee Club 1937-1938 season Clement Manly Wade, Jr.
Glee Club 1938-1939 season Frantz Hershey
Glee Club 1939-1940 season Thomas P. Bryan
Glee Club 1940-1941 season Albert Kirven Cocke
Glee Club 1941-1942 season Joe Tucker
Glee Club 1942-1943 season Charles Edwin Butterworth, Jr.
Glee Club 1943-1944 season Daniel G. Wheeler
Glee Club 1944-1945 season Walter H. Beaman, Jr.
Glee Club 1945-1946 season Charles H. Goodrich, II
Glee Club 1945-1946 season Charles Stevens Russell
Glee Club 1946-1947 season George L. Jones, Jr.
Glee Club 1947-1948 season J. Robert Winstead, Jr.
Glee Club 1948-1949 season George A. Van Pelt
Glee Club 1949-1950 season John C. Hall, Jr.
Glee Club 1950-1951 season Thomas Jefferson Smith, III
Glee Club 1951-1952 season John A. Warwick, Jr.
Glee Club 1952-1953 season Charles Bell, Jr.
Glee Club 1953-1954 season T. Walley Williams, III
Glee Club 1954-1955 season Frederick Emerson
Glee Club 1955-1956 season Alvin L. Pritchard, Jr.
Glee Club 1956-1957 season Dan Moore
Glee Club 1957-1958 season Palmer Rutherford
Glee Club 1958-1959 season Robert Velle
Glee Club 1959-1960 season Ben Fulton
Glee Club 1960-1961 season Jim Brewbaker
Glee Club 1961-1962 season Michael Stillman
Glee Club 1962-1963 season Kenneth Moorman
Glee Club 1963-1964 season Frank McLeod
Glee Club 1964-1965 season Douglas Miller
Glee Club 1965-1966 season Peter Zwanzig
Glee Club 1966-1967 season Douglas Dixon
Glee Club 1967-1968 season William R. Anderson
Glee Club 1968-1969 season Craig Caputo
Glee Club 1969-1970 season Harvey Bryan Mitchell
Glee Club 1970-1971 season Michael A. McCallister
Glee Club 1971-1972 season John R. Wood
Glee Club 1972-1973 season Stephen C. Yowell
Glee Club 1973-1974 season W. Steven Martin
Glee Club 1974-1975 season Laird Boles
Glee Club 1975-1976 season Kirk Cordell
Glee Club 1976-1977 season Douglass List
Glee Club 1977-1978 season Nicholas Cooke
Glee Club 1978-1979 season Eric Sall
Glee Club 1979-1980 season Matthew Koch
Glee Club 1980-1981 season Charles Kipps Purcell
Glee Club 1981-1982 season Matthew Freeman
Glee Club 1982-1983 season Rafe Madan
Glee Club 1983-1984 season Tucker Echols
Glee Club 1984-1985 season Dan Vincent
Glee Club 1985-1986 season Thad Polk
Glee Club 1986-1987 season Charles P. Wise, Jr.
Glee Club 1987-1988 season Wade Wilson
Glee Club 1988-1989 season Bruce Kothmann
Glee Club 1989-1990 season Steve Billcheck
Glee Club 1990-1991 season Stephen Sweeney
Glee Club 1991-1992 season Michael McCullough
Glee Club 1992-1993 season Jim Heaney
Glee Club 1993-1994 season Donald C. Webb
Glee Club 1994-1995 season Jonathan Finn
Glee Club 1995-1996 season Andrew Breen
Glee Club 1996-1997 season George Shirley
Glee Club 1997-1998 season Drew Cogswell
Glee Club 1998-1999 season Dan Shomaker
Glee Club 1999-2000 season Brad Dakake
Glee Club 2000-2001 season Bert Steindorff
Glee Club 2001-2002 season Thomas Deal
Glee Club 2002-2003 season Thomas Deal
Glee Club 2003-2004 season Tristan van Tine
Glee Club 2004-2005 season Kevin Ross Davis
Glee Club 2005-2006 season David Faulkner
Glee Club 2006-2007 season Chris Tuggey
Glee Club 2007-2008 season Matthew Young
Glee Club 2008-2009 season Jack McQuarrie
Glee Club 2009-2010 season Jeff McKenzie
Glee Club 2010-2011 season Patrick LeDuc
Glee Club 2011-2012 season Jacob Friedmann
Glee Club 2012-2013 season Aki Ko
Glee Club 2013-2014 season Jordan Stillman
Glee Club 2014-2015 season Zachary Seid
Glee Club 2015-2016 season Andrew D'Amato
Glee Club 2016-2017 season Joseph Marchese-Schmitt
Glee Club 2017-2018 season William Wheaton
Glee Club 2018-2019 season Colin Sullivan
Glee Club 2019-2020 season Denny Jeong
Glee Club 2020-2021 season James Wilusz
Glee Club 2021-2022 season Noah McIntire
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