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The Madrigal Group was an early women's chorus at the University of Virginia. The group was formed in the fall of 1943 "in response to the demand for a chorus which would be open to women students in all the schools of the University."[1] The group collaborated many times with the Glee Club during the World War II years, and made a brief reappearance in the late 1950s before going on permanent hiatus.



1943: Phyllis Black, E. Joyce Blume, Alice S. Brumback, Ruth H. Day, Lucy Lou Floyd, Frances G. Harvey, Miriam Lending, Margaret L. Mason, Clara H. Vondra, Anne Waddell, Mary Catherine Waddell, Loretta Wardrip, Mary M. Wheat

1944: Kathryn Bell, Barbara Bishop, Phyllis Black, E. Joyce Blume, Adele Chauvenet, Mary Costello, Virginia Cummings, Nancye Jane Davis, Renee Gretcke, Barbara Harris, Mary Lamb, Jeanne Mills, Margaret Neale, Betty Pritchett, Roberta Richman, Catherine Spencer, Doris Spradlin, Mae Thacker, Virginia Ware, Anna Witt, Mary Broyles, Dudley Burruss, Priscilla Calmer, Calise Chauvenet, Mary L. Forbes, June Kittleson, Betty Newton, Nancy Spicer, Patsy Walker, Mary M. Wheat