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Martin S. Remsburg[1] (1867 – December 1947)[2] was director of music at Christ Church in Charlottesville[3] and director of the Virginia Glee Club from 1910 to 1912.[4]

Prior to arriving in the University community, Remsburg was involved in men's choral music in Dansville and in a location in North Carolina, according to College Topics. He issued a call for participants in May 1910 and began to reform the Glee Club at this time.[5] Remsburg took over music activities at Madison Hall (then the YMCA) in the fall of 1910, the organization going so far as to move the starting time of services so that he could participate,[3] and issued a call for Glee Club members a week later.[6] Club performed several times during the 1910-1911 season and the Glee Club 1911-1912 season (fall only).


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