Newspaper photo of McLane Tilton, Jr.

McLane Tilton, Jr. (1874-1936)[1] was president of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1895-1896 season, and was Chairman of Banjos during the Glee Club 1893-1894 season. While a medical student at UVa, he served on the executive committee of the German Club (later PK German), was a member of O.F.C., the Z Society, and the Thirteen Club, and managed the baseball team.[2]

Tilton was the son of McLane Tilton, a Marine commander who led an amphibious landing on Kangwha Island in Korea in 1871.[3]

After completing his education at Virginia, Tilton attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1900 with a B.L.. He returned to Charlottesville in 1919, when he founded both the Commerce National Bank and the Commerce Realty and Insurance Corporation.[4] He later became the Alumni Secretary of the University of Virginia.

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