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"Nachthelle" is a song for men's chorus, piano, and tenor solo by Franz Schubert. Written in September 1826 to a text by Johann Gabriel Seidl, the work has been performed by the Virginia Glee Club, especially in the 1970s with Louis Burkot as the soloist.

Text and translation[]

Die Nacht ist heiter und ist rein,
Im allerhellsten Glanz:
Die Häuser schaun verwundert drein,
Stehn übersilbert ganz.

In mir ist's hell so wunderbar,
So voll und übervoll,
Und waltet drinnen frei und klar,
Ganz ohne Leid und Groll.

Ich faß' in meinem Herzenshaus
Nicht all das reiche Licht:
Es will hinaus, es muß hinaus,
Ich halt' es länger nicht!

The night is calm and pure,
in brightest radiance;
the houses look out with astonishment,
standing shimmering with silver.

Within me it is also wonderfully bright,
so full and overflowing,
and it prevails there free and clear,
entirely without sorrow or complaint.

I cannot contain within my heart
all of this rich light;
it wants to burst out, and it must burst out;
the last barrier breaks.
Translation © Emily Ezust from the LiederNet archive

Virginia Glee Club performances[]