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The 1967 Openings Concert of the Virginia Glee Club was a collaboration with the University of North Carolina Glee Club, conducted by Robert Porco. Held November 10, 1967 in Old Cabell Hall, the concert, conducted by Donald Loach, was the first concert of the Glee Club 1967-1968 season. UVA won the game against UNC the following day, 40-17.[1]


University of Virginia Glee Club[]

  • Cantate Domino canticum novum (Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612))
  • Ave Maria (Tomas Luis de Vittoria (1548-1611))
  • Three early American sacred songs
    • By Babels rivers, there sate wee (Ainsworth Psalter, 1612, arr. Luther Noss)
    • When Jesus wept (a round) (William Billings (1746-1800))
    • O praise Jah (Ainsworth Psalter, 1612, arr. Noss)
  • We will ich mich freuen (Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750))

University of North Carolina Men's Glee Club[]

  • Gloria in excelsis Deo (Guilliame Dufay (c.1400-1475)
  • O vos omnes (Tomas Luis de Victoria)
  • Two Lauds of St. Anthony of Padua (Francis Poulenc (1899-1963))
    • O Jésu
    • O proles
  • Let true love among us be (William Bergsma (1921-))
  • Song of peace (Vincent Persichetti (1915-))

The Virginia Gentlemen[]

University of North Carolina Men's Glee Club[]

University of Virginia Glee Club[]

Combined Glee Clubs[]


Program courtesy of the collection of Donald Loach.