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"Os Justi" is a sacred motet composed by Anton Bruckner in 1879. Os Justi is a Gregorian chant used as gradual of the Commune Doctorum,[1] and as introit I[2] and gradual II[3] of the Commune Confessoris non Pontificis. The work has been performed several times by the Virginia Glee Club in collaboration with women's choruses.


Bruckner composed this gradual on 18 July 1879. Bruckner dedicated it to Ignaz Traumihler, choirmaster of St. Florian Abbey.[4]

When Traumihler saw the manuscript, he asked: "Ist's der ganze Text?" (Is this the whole text?) Therefore, Bruckner added on 28 July 1879 a verse Inveni David in Gregorian mode followed by a repeat of the Alleluja.[4][5]

The first performance occurred not as foreseen on Traumihler's name-day (31 July 1879), but four weeks later, on 28 August 1879 on the feast of Saint Augustinus under Traumihler's baton, with Bruckner at the organ.[4][5]

The work was first edited by Theodor Rättig, Vienna in 1886, together with three other graduals: Locus iste, Christus factus est and Virga Jesse. In this first edition, something went wrong: the motet and the first Alleluja were issued, but not the extra verse (Inveni David) and the repeat of the Alleluja. The extra verse and the repeat of the Alleluja were — wrongly — classified by Grasberger as a separate work (Inveni David, WAB 20).[4]

The full original setting, the manuscripts of which are archived at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek,[6] is put in Band XXI/28 of the Gesamtausgabe.[7]

Text and music[]

The text of the motet is two verses of Psalm 37, which is Psalm 36 in the Vulgata (Psalms 37:30–31). The text of the added verse is taken from Psalm 89 (Psalms 89:20).

Os justi meditabitur sapientiam:
et lingua ejus loquetur judicium.
Lex Dei ejus in corde ipsius:
et non supplantabuntur gressus ejus.
Inveni David servum meum,
oleo sancto meo unxi eum.

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom,
and his tongue speaks what is just.
The law of his God is in his heart:
and his feet do not falter.
I have found David, my servant;
I have anointed him with my holy oil.

Virginia Glee Club performances[]



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