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Range room of Edgar Allan Poe at the University of Virginia, restored and maintained by the Raven Society.

The Raven Society is an honorary society at the University of Virginia. Founded in 1904 by University student William McCully James,[1] and named in honor of the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe (who attended The University in 1826). According to its constitution, one of the Raven Society's main goals is "to bring together the best men in the various departments of the University for mutual acquaintance and for cooperation in their efforts to protect the honor and dignity of the University."[2] In addition to presenting annual Raven Fellowships,[3] the society recognizes students, professors, administrators, and alumni for their "scholarly pursuits and their dedication to University ideals" with the Raven Award[4] and is also responsible for the upkeep of Poe's living quarters, 13 West Range[5].[6]

The Raven Society has been active in commemorating Poe's life, beginning with a celebration of his centenary in 1909.[7] At this time, the Society first opened Poe's preserved room at 13 West Range, which they had furnished with "a settee from the Allan home in Richmond" as well as "a real raven, stuffed, [which] looked down from a coign of the room."[8] The Raven Society also celebrated Poe's bicentenary in 2009 by laying three roses and a drink of cognac in 13 West Range.


Notable members[]

Notable members of the Raven Society have included founder and UVA Law professor Raleigh C. Minor,[9] University president Frank Hereford,[10] former Alumni Association directors J. Malcolm "Mack" Luck[11] and Gilbert J. Sullivan, University professor of physics Bascom S. Deaver,[12] and UVA and Baltimore Colts football player Gary Cuozzo.[13]

Virginia Glee Club members[]

A partial list of Virginia Glee Club members of the Raven Society includes:

Raven Award recipients[]

  • Harry Clemons, UVA librarian
  • Bill Crutchfield, founder, Crutchfield Corporation[14]
  • Dr. Annette Gibbs
  • Dr. Stewart D. Roberson
  • Dean Patricia Lampkin
  • John Lloyd Newcomb, UVA president[4]
  • Colgate Darden, UVA president[15]
  • Dr. Howard Kutchai, Dept of Physiology
  • Dr. Nicole Hurd, Executive Director, National College Advising Corps
  • Edward L. Ayers, former Arts & Sciences dean at UVA, now University of Richmond president[16]
  • William H. Fishback
  • John Macfarlane, Tudor Investment Corporation
  • David Webb, SFW Capital Partners, former Merrill Lynch Vice Chairman of Investment Banking
  • Peter Kiernan, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Chairman/CEO, former Goldman Sachs partner


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