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Songs of Virginia
Songs of Virginia.jpg
Virginia Glee Club
Released 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Old Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, Virginia
Genre Classical music

Songs of Virginia is a 2009 compact disc recording by the Virginia Glee Club. One of three recordings released in the summer and fall of 2009, representing Glee Club's first CD releases in seven years, the disc was conducted by Frank Albinder. The disc, underwritten in part by a grant from the Jefferson Trust, features recordings and new arrangements of songs associated with the University of Virginia and Virginia Glee Club, some of which had never before been recorded by the Club. Much of the repertoire for the disc was drawn from the 1906 anthology Songs of the University of Virginia.

Track listing[]

  1. Virginia, Hail, All Hail (arr. Arthur Fickénscher)
  2. Come Root for U-V-A (Traditional)
  3. Hail the Orange and Blue (Traditional)
  4. Here's to Old Virginia (Traditional)
  5. Virginia Yell Song (Linwood Lehman, arr. Frederick H. Ford)
  6. Oh, Carolina (Traditional, arr. Christopher Marshall)
  7. In College Days (E.T. Hildebrand)
  8. Vir-ir-gin-i-a (George Frederic Handel, arr. Donald Loach)
  9. Old Virginia (H.S. Thompson)
  10. Orange and Blue (George M. Cohan (adapted))
  11. Rotunda Song (Traditional, arr. Marshall)
  12. Virginia's Cavalier Song (Fulton Lewis, Jr.)
  13. Glory to Virginia (Traditional, arr. Fickénscher)
  14. Virginia Chapel Bell (Traditional)
  15. Hike, Virginia (C.S. McVeigh and L.D. Crenshaw)
  16. Alumni Song (Chauncey Olcott, arr. Marshall)
  17. Just Another Touchdown for U.V-a. (Traditional, arr. Fickénscher)
  18. The Orange and Blue (Traditional)
  19. A Medley of Virginia Songs (Traditional)
  20. Hike, Virginia (McVeigh and Crenshaw, arr. Larry Clark)
  21. Virginia Yell Song (Linwood Lehman, arr. Clark)
  22. Virginia's Cavalier Song (Fulton Lewis, Jr.)
  23. Ten Thousand Voices (J.A. Morrow, arr. M. Donald MacInnis/Loach)
  24. The Good Old Song (Traditional)

Liner notes[]

The history of song at the University of Virginia dates back to the founding days of the institution. With this recording, we bring to life excerpts from this long and varied history in newly recorded performances of new arrangements, as well as the original versions of many of the songs that have provided the soundtrack for life at UVa over the years. *This recording was made possible by a generous grant from The Jefferson Trust, an initiative of the University of Virginia Alumni Association.

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