Summer Songs is a suite of works for men's voices and piano, with lyrics by Michael Stillman and music by David Davis. The suite, written for the Virginia Glee Club, was premiered in November 1969 during the Glee Club 1969-1970 season;[1] several of the songs were recorded on the album A Shadow's on the Sundial, which was named after the final song in the suite.

The mood of the songs, whose lyrics were taken from Stillman's collection of poems The Owl's Parasol, ranges from serious to farcical.


  • Love is a Green Girl
  • Alas, alack!
  • Little Polly Ethylene
  • By the farmer's fields
  • A shadow's on the sundial


Recordings Edit


The comical nature of some of the texts, combined with the musical setting which is informed by popular music of the late 1960s, has inspired many parodies of the work over the years. Perhaps the most thorough was Tyler Magill's deconstruction of the work, published in a 1991 edition of the Yellow Journal.


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