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This template produces an external link with the URL as its first argument, and the text to be displayed as its second argument. The text is italicized. This template acts like {{Link}}, except that it italicizes the link. This works around the following problem with {{Link}}:

  • ''{{Link |2= 'Underlying conditions' may add to flu worries}}''

generates this incorrect version, where the leading apostrophe is not italicized:

  • 'Underlying conditions' may add to flu worries

Instead, this:

  • {{Italiclink |2= 'Underlying conditions' may add to flu worries}}

generates this (with the leading apostrophe correctly italicized):

  • 'Underlying conditions' may add to flu worries

The main use of this template is expected to be from other templates like {{Citation/core}}, which want to create an italicized link without worrying about whether the URL is missing and the title begins or ends with an apostrophe. no:mal:Italiclink vi:Tiêu bản:Liên kết xiên

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