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Thirteen Club, early 20th century. Photo by Holsinger Studio. Courtesy UVA Library Special Collections

The Thirteen Club, later called the Thirteen Society is an honorary society at the University of Virginia. Founded February 13, 1889, it was originally a ribbon society that drew its members from Eli Banana and T.I.L.K.A.. It is known for posting its list of 13 current student members on the eve of April 13 (Founder's Day). Its motto is Superstitio solum in animo inscii habitat (approximately, “Superstition dwells only in the ignorant mind").[1]

Among the Virginia Glee Club members who were also Thirteen Club members were McLane Tilton, Jr., James H. PaxtonJohn Lawrence Vick Bonney, D. L. Groner and Denis McNamara.