Tin Can Quartet, 1941

The Tin Can Quartet was a close-harmony quartet that was part of the Virginia Glee Club in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Little information is available about the Tin Can Quartet, but it appears that they played a role much like the Virginia Gentlemen, performing more popular repertoire for formal and informal occasions.

The Glee Club had a performing quartet as early as 1920, though it was unnamed.[1]

Known activities of the Tin Can Quartet included a radio recording; participation in the Glee Club's 1940 radio broadcast;[2] and performances at UVa functions including the 1941 Varsity Football Banquet.[3]

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The repertoire of the Quartet was initially songs of the "Gay Nineties" including "Don't Swat Your Mother," "The Curse of an Aching Heart", "She's More to Be Pitied Than Censored," "The Bicycle Built for Two,"[4] By 1943 the repertoire had broadened to include madrigals.[6]

A recording of the Tin Can Quartet from the 1930s is in the Special Collections of the University of Virginia.[7]

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