Glee Club Quartet; Vincent Tramonte on right

Vincent Tramonte (1916 - January 30, 1987) of Charlottesville, was a member of the Virginia Glee Club during much of the 1930s, appearing in the 1933-34, 1934-35, 1935-36, and 1939-1940 seasons, among others. He was part of the Glee Club Quartet during the Glee Club 1935-1936 season.

Tramonte received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Virginia and went on to practice real estate law in Arlington, VA. He also owned and operated the Bayou, "a Georgetown nightclub that featured Dixieland and rock music", and founded the Italian Store delicatessens in Arlington and Falls Church.[1]

Tramonte was the brother of Glee Club member Anthony G. Tramonte.

References[edit | edit source]

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