The Virginia Reel was a magazine published at the University of Virginia from 1920 to 1929. With a focus on humor, the monthly Reel served as an alternative to the more staid University of Virginia Magazine, but was less offensive than the Yellow Journal

History[edit | edit source]

The first issue of the Virginia Reel appeared May 15, 1920. A review of the issue in the University of Virginia Alumni News read:

The Virginia Reel made its initial appearance among the field of college comics on schedule time, May 15th, and if any alumni haven't procured a copy by this time they should make an immediate effort to locate one. The sale of the first issue has run through already about 2,500 copies and is still going strong.

Considerable credit is due the editorial and business staff for venturing forth with the publication, which is without precedent at the University, and if its success is to be judged by its sale it is safe to say that it has been "put across." The press of the state has received it most favorably, and several commendable comments followed its appearance. It will compare favorably with the leading college comics of the country, and is indeed a creditable medium of the wit, humor, and artistic caricature of the University. With a cover design by F. Graham Cootes, who has been ever willing to lend a hand to University publications, The Virginia Reel went out with the best start possible and its contents, in the way of student cartoons, jokes, caricatures, puns, sketches, and satires, backed up the cover admirably. If the issues next year keep the pace set by the first appearance, The Virginia Reel is assured of great success and a permanent and leading place among the publications of its kind.

Not all of the comments passed have praised it. However, this could hardly have been expected and the adverse criticisms will serve to aid and guide the board in getting out the publication next year.[1]

The Virginia Reel was suppressed in 1929 following charges of "vulgar obscenity" by College Topics.[2]

Members[edit | edit source]

John W. Avirett was business manager of the Virginia Reel during its first year. He became editor in chief in the 1922-1923 publication year. Francis Harcourt Parrish was a later editor in chief. Other Glee Club members were also on the Virginia Reel staff.

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