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Cover for the Virginia Women's Chorus 1998 CD, The Virginia Women's Chorus Comes Back!

The Virginia Women's Chorus is the University of Virginia's female voice classical chorus. Founded in 1974 as the University of Virginia Women's Chorus by James Dearing as a curricular chorus of the University's McIntire Department of Music, the chorus briefly dissolved in the aftermath of the department's decision to cease supporting single sex groups in 1989. It reformed in 1994 as the Virginia Women's Chorus (as an independent organization, it was no longer allowed to use "University of Virginia" in its name) and has continued to exist as a Contracted Independent Organization ever since.

Prior to the founding of the Virginia Women's Chorus, there had been various choirs of women's voices at the University, most notably the Madrigal Group of the early to mid 1940s. However, the choirs lacked consistent membership and gained no institutional stability until after the institution of undergraduate coeducation in 1970.

Conductors of the Virginia Women's Chorus have included James Dearing, KaeRenae Mitchell, Donna Plaskett, Elizabeth Moore, and Craig Jennings.

The Virginia Women's Chorus has frequently collaborated with the Virginia Glee Club in performing large choral works for mixed voices, as well as in joint appearances at Family Weekend "choral showcase" concerts and the Glee Club's charity SingFest concerts.


This list includes individuals who were identified as members during various Glee Club collaborations and is based on concert program records. It is not a complete list.

Christmas Concert (1994): Ōne Buchanan, Christine Burt, Kate Cronin, Reeta Dighe, Gayl Griffin, Esta Jarrett, Kristin Kelly, Sarah Oppenheimer, Elizabeth Wynne Krause, Roseann Latour, Hilary Loosemore, Karen Midkiff, Elizabeth Moore, Elizabeth Nelson, Elizabeth Noseworthy