Walter H. Beaman, Jr. (July 13, 1925 - January 9, 2013)[1] was president of the Virginia Glee Club during the Glee Club 1944-1945 season, and was also a member in 1943-1944, 1946-1947, and 1947-1948. He lived on the Lawn and Ranges during the years 1943-1948 (14 East Lawn[2], 39 West Lawn[2], 36 East Range[2], 40 East Range[2]).

At UVA he began as an engineering student in 1942, served in the US Naval Reserve, then returned to the University where he received his law degree in 1948. He was a member of the Raven Society, Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and the Jabberwock Society. He was an attorney for General Electric from 1953 until 1989.[1]

Beaman's reminiscences of life at the University are available as part of the UVA exhibit "100 Years of Life on the Lawn."[3]

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