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William P. Kent addresses the voters of York County, September 25, 1909 (courtesy Tazewell Republican)

William Patton Kent (March 8, 1857 – March 3, 1936)[1][2] was a student at the University of Virginia during the Glee Club 1879-1880 season, the year that Woodrow Wilson was a member.[3] (Kent was a student at the same time as Charles William Kent, who was a member of the Virginia Glee Club.) While at the University of Virginia he was associated with the Washington Society and the Virginia University Magazine (where he was editor in chief), and won the Magazine Medal in 1877 for an address on "The Moral Significance of the American Centennial."[4]

He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1880 and proceeded into diplomatic service. He served as the Consul General in Guatemala at the appointment of Theodore Roosevelt.[5] In 1909 he ran for the governorship of Virginia on the Republican ticket against William Hodges Mann, losing to Mann's 63.35% of the vote.[6]

Returning to diplomatic service, he was American consul in Leipzig, Germany during the early years of World War I;[7] He later served as the American consul in Ulster beginning in 1920.[8]

Kent's son, Tyler Gatewood Kent, was convicted of espionage in 1940 for passing thousands of secret US and UK government documents to a pro-German organization.[9]


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