The Yellow Journal is a humor periodical at the University of Virginia. It has had three distinct incarnations: as a tabloid newspaper published annually from 1912 to 1934; as a newsprint magazine published four to five times a year from 1986 through 1999; and as a magazine and Web site from 2010 on.

The Yellow Journal has several touch points with the Virginia Glee Club. It published a scathing review of the Glee Club's musical The Visiting Girl in 1921 (during the Glee Club 1920-1921 season). In its second incarnation, it counted Glee Club member Tyler Magill as an editor; other Glee Club members, such as Tim Jarrett and Derek Ramsey, occasionally contributed material. During this period, the YJ published a deconstruction of the texts of Summer Songs written by Magill.

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